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I'm Nikola
Explorer | Innovator | Connector | Communicator | Changemaker


Dedicated, driven, committed, passionate, resilient and curious caring about values such as accountability, respect, trust and empathy. 


As someone who has a deep passion, connection and respect for the Natural World including our Ocean which protects and supports us, I try to use my voice to inspire and empower the collective to respect, restore and regenerate Mother Earth while leading more holistic and balanced lifestyles.

Mermaid, ocean x climate champion, advocate, activist and realist, oceanpreneur, whale, shark, turtle, sargassum, plastic, Blue Economy woman and voice, marine biologist, natural resource & environmental manager and more. 

As a realist, I continue to try to find a better balance - for people, for planet. Striving to create social impact through empowering and amplifying voices of communities and their solutions, I also believe in partnerships with a diversity of actors to create impact. 

I am Nikola Simpson. This is me. This is my story:  a journey of healing the Ocean and by extension, myself and humanity.

Inspire change through connection ~



Let's connect to share, learn, inspire, empower and create change~

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